Say Hello to Chasity Parker, Our Pharmacy Technician!

Meet Chasity Parker! She has been a pharmacy technician here with us for a year and a half and loves being part of our team. She is passionate about healthcare and loves helping others. To her, there is nothing she enjoys more than helping people get healthier.

What drew Chasity to work for Millbrook Pharmacy is the fact that we are a family-oriented pharmacy, not a chain pharmacy and store. “The people at Millbrook really care about the happiness of their employees and their customers,” she said. Her favorite part about working with us is the instant gratification that she receives from helping others. “We go above and beyond to get our customers whatever they need, and the instant thanks that we receive is what I really appreciate,” she noted.

If Chasity could describe Millbrook Pharmacy with only 3 words, she would choose “loving,” “family-oriented,” and “charming.” “They’re charming because they have many products and so many nice things that people may not be able to find elsewhere,” she explained.

When Chasity isn’t busy helping customers get healthier at the pharmacy, she can be found spending time with her husband and two children. Currently, she’s studying to become a doula as well! Her favorite work of literature is Speak Up, Speak Out, Shout If You Have To by her husband, whose pen name is Random Thought. He has been public speaking and writing books and poetry for 20 years.

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