Meet Pharmacist Laura Pitt!

Pharmacist Laura PittSay hello to Laura Pitt, one of our amazing pharmacists! She has been working at Millbrook Pharmacy since we opened our doors on April 13, 2015. She had previously worked for a few months at Ladue Pharmacy until Millbrook Pharmacy opened – in fact, she still makes occasional appearances at our Ladue location!

Laura always wanted to work at an independent pharmacy, which is one of the big reasons why she was drawn to Millbrook Pharmacy. “I like the idea of being able to really get to know our customers on a more personal level,” she said. “Being able to get to know them so well helps us as professionals to take better care of them with regards to their medications. I also like all of the services that we offer to our customers such as our free Medicare consultations, delivery of medications, and more!”

If Laura could choose only three words to describe Millbrook Pharmacy, she would choose “caring,” “family,” and “friendly.” In fact, her favorite part about working at the pharmacy is the family-like bond that she has established with her coworkers and the customers who come into our store!

When Laura isn’t busy serving our customers, she can be found spending time with her friends, family, and her fiancé. She is currently busy planning her wedding for this coming September and takes time to enjoy playing recreational volleyball during the week on a team with her friends. She also enjoys going to Blues games and Cardinals games and loves to travel. “The craziest place I’ve ever visited was Australia!” she said.

Next time you visit us at Millbrook Pharmacy, be sure to say hello to Laura. Until then, be on the lookout for more employee spotlights in the future!

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