Looking to Improve Your Memory? Prevagen Might Be Right for You!

How sharp is your memory? If you find that, as you age, your memory has been a little fuzzy and you forget where you left your keys or the name of your new coworker, you might be struggling a bit with recall. While this is perfectly normal as we grow older, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. Millbrook Pharmacy can help you with Prevagen, an amazing supplement that can help improve your memory!

Prevagen is a dietary supplement that has been clinically proven to improve mild memory problems that are associated with growing older. More than a decade of research from Quincy Bioscience has shown that by taking just one capsule of Prevagen every day, patients can improve short-term memory. This supplement will help make your brain healthier and sharper, and recalling information that you need will become easier!

You’ve probably never thought that memory and jellyfish could ever go together, but in a way, they do! That’s because Prevagen’s patented ingredient, apoaequorin, was originally discovered in a certain species of jellyfish. This ingredient has undergone extensive testing and is safe for consumption. It uniquely supports cognitive function, making your thinking and memory stronger.

Remember to talk to your doctor about taking Prevagen. Even though Prevagen has no known drug interactions, it’s always smart to let your physician know that you are interested in taking a new course of supplements, especially when it comes to prescribing medication.

Don’t forget, you can find Prevagen here at Millbrook Pharmacy, the place that welcomes you like family! Make sure to stop by to talk to us about Prevagen today or give us a call at (314) 802-7012 to learn more.

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