Don’t Let Mosquito Bites Scare You – Millbrook Pharmacy Can Help!

It happened again. You’re outside enjoying a nice barbeque with your friends or taking an evening stroll when you feel an annoying itch on your arm and leg. You were bitten by a mosquito again! While mosquito bites can be a summertime annoyance, they can also lead to additional sicknesses. That’s because some mosquitoes carry different viruses and can pass them on to humans by biting them.

The most common mosquito-transmitted virus here in the U.S. is the West Nile virus. Most of the time, those infected with the virus experience no symptoms, but others may experience flu-like symptoms. There is currently no treatment or vaccine for West Nile, but you can easily tackle this by preventing mosquito bites from happening in the first place.

On a global scale malaria is the most common mosquito-transmitted illness. While it’s rare for mosquitos in the U.S. to carry malaria, there are countless mosquitos that carry the disease in other countries including South America, Africa, and Asia. That’s why it’s imperative for Americans who want to travel abroad to take extra precautions from getting this illness. Your doctor can prescribe medication for you to take before, during, and after your trip to help prevent malaria, making your travel stress-free!

Another concern when traveling abroad is yellow fever, a disease that mosquitos carry in South America and Africa. Like many other mosquito-borne illnesses, the best way to deal with this disease is to take steps in preventing it. Vaccines can come in handy here! With a prescription from your doctor and an appointment with our pharmacist, we can administer the yellow fever vaccination. We do recommend that you get this vaccine at least 10 days before you go on your trip to ensure the most protection possible.

Of course, the mosquito-borne illness that has been making headlines recently is the Zika virus, which can currently be found in South America, Asia, and Africa. Although the virus is not common in the United States, it is expected to spread to new regions in the future. In most cases, people who are infected will only experience a mild illness. Pregnant women, however, should be on high alert. If a pregnant woman were to contract the illness, it can lead to the baby developing severe brain problems. Currently, there are no vaccines or treatments for the Zika virus, so the best approach is to prevent mosquito bites when traveling.

At Millbrook Pharmacy, our pharmacists are licensed to give immunizations to help prevent many illnesses and diseases. We also carry a large selection of over-the-counter bug spray options, which can help prevent bites from happening. Stop by our pharmacy today to protect yourself today!

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