8 Reasons Why You Should Really Get a Flu Shot

You’ve probably heard countless times throughout the years that you should consider getting a flu shot, but you never do it. Maybe you think that you’ll be able to dodge the virus throughout the winter, or if you do catch it, you might think you can just tough it out for a few days until you’re better. In reality, however, you’re really playing with fire. The flu virus is potentially dangerous and can send a normally healthy person to the emergency room within 48 hours. At the very least, it can knock you flat off your feet for days or even weeks.

If you’re thinking about not getting a flu shot this year, we have 8 big reasons why you should definitely reconsider your decision:

You Won’t Lose Sick Days – No one likes being sick, but unfortunately, the flu can force you to take time off work to recuperate on the couch. According to, the flu accounts for 111 million lost workdays and approximately $7 billion in lost productivity and sick days each year. And trust us, it’s so much more enjoyable to spend your allotted time off doing something you love or going on a new adventure than languishing on the couch with a fever!

Just About Everyone Is a Candidate – If you’re reading this right now, then you’re a candidate for the flu shot! The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 6 months should get an annual flu shot. So unless you’re an infant or have severe, life-threatening allergies to the flu vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine, you should get a flu shot.

You Get a Different Shot Every Year – Before each flu season, the CDC will determine which strains of influenza will be most likely to appear. You will then be given a shot that will reduce your chances of contracting the most prevalent strains of the flu that season. If you do happen to get sick, though, the vaccine can significantly reduce the severity of your symptoms!

You Won’t Worry About Getting the Flu This Season – Many people believe that you can contract the flu from the flu shot. That simply isn’t true! The flu shot uses a deadened form of the virus, which your body will identify and attack. Once you receive the shot, your body will be ready in case the real thing shows up.

It’s Highly Unlikely You Won’t Have Serious Side Effects – Countless people who get the flu shot experience no side effects, but there are a few possible side effects from the shot, including headache, stuffy nose, or sore throat. If you do experience these side effects, though, you can expect to only experience them for a day or two, which is much better than suffering through the real thing for one to two weeks.

Your Odds of Staying Healthy Will Increase – Flu season starts in October and ends in May, although the flu virus can be transmitted any time during the year in certain instances. The sooner you get vaccinated, the higher your chances will be of remaining healthy for the season.

You’ll Do Your Family, Friends, and Coworkers a Favor – Any easy way to protect your loved ones and coworkers from getting sick is by getting the flu shot. The flu virus spreads pretty easily; you can contract it whenever an infected person coughs, talks, or sneezes close to you, or you can get it by touching something that has the virus germs on it and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Do yourself and the ones you care about a big favor – get vaccinated this year!

It Can Save Your Life – The flu virus may be common, but it can cause some serious complications that can sometimes require hospitalization. These complications include dehydration, bacterial pneumonia, ear or sinus infections, or worsening of chronic illnesses. In some serious cases, the flu can even lead to death. The flu shot can help prevent this!

Bottom line – get the flu shot this year. You’ll save yourself from a big headache (both literally and figuratively) later on when the flu season is in full-force. Need a place to get your flu shot? Visit us at Millbrook Pharmacy! Our knowledgeable, caring pharmacists can help make sure that you’re prepared for the upcoming flu season! Learn more about us by visiting

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