12 Healthy Resolutions to Make for 2018 and Beyond

Are you ready for 2018? If you’re one of the many people who make New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably ready to shoot for the moon, break out your planner, and aim to be better physically, mentally, and spiritually next year. Maybe you have something in particular in mind like learning something new or finding your dream job. If not, then Millbrook Pharmacy has the perfect healthy resolutions for you to make and keep next year and forever!

Here are 12 healthy resolutions you should consider making and keeping in 2018 and beyond:

Shed a Few Pounds – Even though this resolution is mentioned in nearly every resolution list, we wanted to put this on the list for many reasons. Losing weight will not only help you feel healthier and happier, but it will also decrease your risk of several diseases and ailments including diabetes, heart disease, and more. Keep in mind that losing weight won’t happen overnight. Be ready for setbacks, use a food journal to track what you’re eating, and lean on a strong support system to make your weight goals!

Drink More Water – You may not realize it, but hydration is crucial for a healthy body and mind. From increased energy and weight loss to an improvement in skin complexion, drinking enough water can really help you become and remain healthy. Get more water in your life by sipping in between meals and substituting it for sodas and juices. Make getting hydrated even easier by investing in an easy-access filter and use an app to track how much cups of water you drink every day.

Curb Your Stress – While stress is inevitable, you should make it your mission to cut back on stress each day. Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your health, increasing or worsening your insomnia, depression, heart disease, obesity, and more. Kick stress to the curb before it gets out of hand by taking time each day to relax, talk to your friends, and do the things you love. Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep every night and take a vacation every once in a while, too!

Work on Your Posture – Your posture is more important than you may think! Good posture will not only boost your confidence but can also help prevent back problems and decrease stress. To help correct your posture, practice some yoga, move more frequently at work (sitting at that desk all day isn’t good for you!), and try some deep breathing every now and then.

Get Active – Yes, the couch is nice and it’s cold outside, but exercising will make you feel so much better (and warm you up, too!). Work on being active for 30 to 60 minutes a day most days of the week to keep your weight in check, keep your heart healthy, and strengthen your joints and muscles. Engage in activities you enjoy like running, speed walking, swimming, dancing, and more!

Control Your Portions – While it may be tempting to fill at least half your plate with macaroni and cheese, it’s not exactly the healthiest choice. Control your portions by remembering this handy rule: fill 50% of your plate with fruits and vegetables, 25% with protein, and the remaining 25% with starches. Also, try using smaller plates to give the illusion that you’re eating more than you have.

Try Meditating – The world is filled with plenty of distractions, and we always seem to be on the go. Take a little bit of time out each day to calm down and collect yourself with meditation. Whether you pray, do yoga, or sit still and simply be with yourself for a few minutes, you will experience several benefits, including an improved state of mind, greater concentration, and heightened self-awareness.

Floss Regularly – If you don’t already make flossing a daily habit, you should seriously consider doing so. Half of Americans suffer from gingivitis, which can easily be prevented when you floss once a day. Flossing can also keep your gums healthy and your heart happy while helping prevent major dental issues like periodontal disease.

Get Creative – Did you know that engaging in creative activities can help ease anxiety and put you in a more relaxed, meditative state? Doing something creative, whether it’s sketching, knitting, painting, working with clay, or anything in between, has been shown to increase and renew brain function, improve your mood, and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, you’ll wind up with a unique creation in the end like a scarf or a painting!

Return to the Trees – A common Japanese practice called shinrin-yoku – “forest bathing” – has been scientifically proven to improve your health, including lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, boosting your immune system, reducing stress hormone production, and more. All you have to do is go outside and be with the trees. No hiking required. Just go out and enjoy the trees and the beauty around you!

Kick the Habit – If you don’t smoke, keep up the great work! If you do, don’t worry – you can take steps to quit for good. Talk to your doctor to see which method might work best for you. Your body will thank you!

Catch More Zs – Chances are you probably don’t get enough sleep in your life. If that’s the case, try to go to bed earlier. Besides giving you more energy, adequate rest will improve your mood, help regulate your weight, help you stay more focused, and can cut down your stress levels. Shoot for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

Remember, as tempting as it might be to make lofty goals for yourself, start small and make reasonable goals. Doing so will give you a better chance of helping you create permanent positive lifestyle changes!

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